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Below are terms and abreviations used by police, fire, and medical services throughout the nation.
A & BAssault & Battery
ABCAlcoholic Beverage Control
ADWAssault with Deadly Weapon
Alert-1Aircraft with trouble in flight
Alert-2Aircraft possibly making belly landing
Alert-3Aircraft crash has occured
AKAAlso Known As
APBAll Points Bulletin
B & EBreaking & Entering
BOLOBe On the Look Out
CDCivil Defense
CIConfidential Informant
CPCommand Post
D&DDrunk & Disorderly
DMVDepartment of Motor Vehicles
DNRDo Not Recesitate
DOADead On Arrival
DOBDate of Birth
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DPSDepartment of Public Safety
DPWDepartment of Public Works
DUIDriving Under the Influence
DWIDriving While Intoxicated
EMAEmergency Management Agency
EMSEmergency Medical Service
EOCEmergency Operations Center
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
FIField Interview
FTAFailure To Appear
GTAGrand Theft Auto
HAZMATHazardous Materials
MOModus Operandi - method of operation
PEARLPupils Equal and Reactive to Light
Priorty-0No Life present
Priorty-1Minor injuries
Priorty-2Serious injuries - but not life threatening
Priorty-3Life threatening injuries
SRTSpecial Response Team
SWATSpecial Weapons and Tactics
VINVehicle Identification Number