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Expanded APCO 10 Codes
10-0Exercise great caution.
10-1Reception is poor.
10-2Reception is good.
10-3Stop transmitting.
10-4Message received.
10-5Relay message.
10-6Change channel.
10-7Out of service/unavailable for assignment.
10-7AOut of service at home.
10-7BOut of service - personal.
10-7ODOut of service - off duty
10-8In service/available for assignment.
10-9Repeat last transmission.
10-10Off duty.
10-10AOff duty at home.
10-11Identify this frequency.
10-12Visitors are present (be discrete).
10-13Advise weather and road conditions.
10-14Citizen holding suspect.
10-15Prisoner in custody.
10-16Pick up prisoner.
10-17Request for gasoline.
10-18Equipment exchange.
10-19Return/returning to the station.
10-21AAdvise home that I will return at ______.
10-21BPhone your home
10-21RPhone radio dispatch
10-22Disregard the last assignment.
10-22CLeave area if all secure.
10-24Request car-to-car transmission.
10-25Do you have contact with _______?
10-27Driver's license check.
10-28Vehicle registration request.
10-29Check wants/warrants.[vehicle] (PIN,SVS)
10-29ACheck wants/warrants [subject] (PIN)
10-29CCheck complete [subject]
10-29FThe subject is wanted for a felony.
10-29HCaution - severe hazard potential.
10-29MCheck wants/record [subject (PIN,CJIC)
10-29MThe subject is wanted for a misdemeanor.
10-29VThe vehicle is wanted in connection with a crime.
10-30Does not conform to regulations.
10-33Alarm sounding.
10-34Assist at office.
10-35Time check.
10-36Confidential information.
10-37Identify the operator.
10-39Can ______ come to the radio?
10-40Is ______ available for a telephone call?
10-42Check on the welfare of/at ______.
10-43Call a doctor.
10-45What is the condition of the patient?
10-45ACondition of patient is good.
10-45BCondition of patient is serious.
10-45CCondition of patient is critical.
10-45DPatient is deceased.
10-46Sick person [ambulance enroute]
10-48Ambulance transfer call
10-49Proceed to/Enroute to ______.
10-50Subject under the influence of narcotics/Take a report.
10-51Subject is drunk.
10-52Resuscitator is needed.
10-53Person down.
10-54Possible dead body.
10-55Coroner's case.
10-56ASuicide attempt.
10-57Firearm discharged.
10-58Garbage complaint
10-59Security check./Malicious mischief
10-60Lock out.
10-61Miscellaneous public service.
10-62Meet a citizen.
10-62ATake a report from a citizen.
10-62BCivil standby.
10-63Prepare to copy.
10-64Found property.
10-65Missing person
10-66Suspicious person.
10-67Person calling for help.
10-68Call for police made via telephone.
10-73How do you receive?
10-79Bomb threat.
10-86Any traffic?
10-87Meet the officer at ______.
10-88Fill with the officer/Assume your post.
10-91BNoisy animal.
10-91CInjured animal.
10-91DDead animal.
10-91EAnimal bite.
10-91GAnimal pickup.
10-91HStray horse
10-91JPickup/collect ______.
10-91LLeash law violation.
10-91VVicious animal.
10-95Out of vehicle-pedestrian/ Requesting an I.D./Techunit.
10-96Out of vehicle-ped. send backup
10-97Arrived at the scene.
10-98Available for assignment.
10-99Open police garage door.
10-100Civil disturbance - Mutual aid standby.
10-101Civil disturbance - Mutual aid request.