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CodeWhat It Means
901Ambulance call
901AAmbulance call - attempted suicide
901BAmbulance call - drowning
901CAmbulavce call - cutting
901DAmbulance call - drunk
901GAmbulance call - gas
901HAmbulance call - dead body
901KAmbulance has been dispatched
901LAmbulance call - narcotic overdose
901NAmbulance requested
901SAmbulance call - shooting
901TAmbulance call - traffic accident
901YRequest ambulance if needed
902HEnroute to hospital
902MMedical aid needed
902TTraffic accident
903Aircraft crash
903LAircraft flying low
903SAircraft stunting
903TAircraft in trouble
904AFire alarm
904BBrush fire
904CCar fire
904FForest fire
904IIllegal burning
904SStructure fire
905BAnimal bite
905DDead animal
905IInjured animal
905SStray animal
905VVicious animal
906Officer needs minor assistance
906COfficer needs assistance with vehicle
906KRescue Dispatched
906NRescue requested
907Minor disturbance
907ALoud radio or TV
907BBall game in street
907KParamedics dispatched
907NParamedics requested
907YParamedics needed
909Traffic congestion
909BRoad blockage
909FFlares needed
909TTraffing hazard
910Can you handle call?
911Advise party
911BContact informant
912Are we clear?
913You are clear
914Request detectives
914AAttempted suicide
914CRequest coroner
914DRequest doctor
914FRequest fire department
914HHeart attack
914NConcerned party notified
915Dumping rubbish
916Holding suspect
917AAbandoned vehicle
917PHold vehicle for fingerprints
918Mental case
918AEscaped mental patient
918VViolent mental case
919Keep the peace
920Missing adult
920AFound adult
920CMissing child
920FFound child
920JMissing juvenile
921PPeeping Tom
922Illegal peddling
924Station detail
925Suspicious person
926Request tow truck
926ATow truck dispatched
927Investigate unknown trouble
927APerson pulled from telephone
927DInvestigate possible dead body
928Found property
929Investigate person down
930See a man regarding a complaint
931See a woman regarding a complaint
932Woman or child being abused
933Open window
949Gasoline spill
950Burning permit
951Request fire investigator
952Report conditions
953Check smoke report
954Arrived at scene
955Fire under control
956Available for assignment
957Out on arrival
960XCarstop dangerous suspect
961Take a report
962Subject is armed and dangerous
967Outlaw motorcyclist
975Can your suspect hear your radio?
981The frequency is clear
982Are we being recieved?
995Strike trouble
996AUnexploded bomb
997Officer needs help urgently; area units only respond Code 3
998Officer involved in shooting; urgent; all cars respond Code 3
999Officer needs help; urgent; all cars respond Code 3
1000Starting operation now